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 · Flashback: Nancy Spungen Found Dead at Chelsea Hotel. Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was accused of killing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen 39 years ago ...

"A bedroom temperature of 16-20 degrees is ideal but in a heatwave we are getting temperatures of up to 28 degrees."

In the end, Polk was among the last people to see Sid alive. It was four months after Nancy's death, and he had been back in jail after assaulting Patti Smith's brother Todd with a beer glass. While in prison he had completed a course of rehab and had then been released on bail. By way of celebration, his mother Anne Beverley decided to host a party.

Within a year the punk fashion had gone overground, and became as conformist as anything it had tried to overthrow. "I don't want to go to Chelsea," spat Elvis Costello. And Paul Weller, then with struggling Surrey mods, The Jam, was sceptical of what he saw. "I liked the attitude of punk,'' he says, ''but I also thought a lot of it was fake. We all saved up about pounds 20 to go to McLaren's shop and we went in to buy some mohair jumpers. We found we couldn't afford anything. We thought, this is bull ... it was quite elitist, cliquey and art school. They were mostly middle class kids with rich parents, and they'd run away to join the circus. For Jon Savage, author of England's Dreaming, it was a time of "sun, sex, sulphate and swastikas". The political climate was stale, and extremism had a brief season of chic appeal. Sex sold cut-up shirts with pictures of Karl Marx and Third Reich insignia. Down the King's Road were posters promoting David Bowie's spooky movie The Man Who Fell To Earth, there was a fad for felt-tipping tiny swastikas on Bowie's cheekbone. Siouxsie, of the Banshees, danced at Pistols' shows wearing a Nazi armband. ''The attitude," says one veteran ''was to be totally un-liberal, a reaction against the liberalism of the Sixties and the hippies. Hence the Nazi armbands and taking speed.''

Sex Pistols Chelsea BathSex Pistols Chelsea Bath