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O&A – Rolstoelreggae – Xilovox – NL – 1984 – insert
Another awful, awful record. A collection of songs about the experiences (mostly really bad ) of handicapped people on Holland in 1984. We’re so ¬†enlightened now things like this don’t happen anymore. I’ve never really understood the point of records like this. I mean sure, these “me too” stories will have¬†helped someone who felt isolated and alone in 1984. But there its usefulness ended. As music, its completely useless. There should have been a scheme for collecting any records that had been sold, their message received and understood, and the LP no longer needed. So they could be pulped and re-cycled to make proper records.

Obviously, Major Crimes did not end from a case of viewer collapse disorder! In 2017, so far, Major Crimes has been the highest rated show on our network. Also, last year, before we were taken out of the summer line-up, and lost our November/December berth (particularly hard for us because we loved being with our viewers during the holidays), Major Crimes averaged over ten million viewers an episode on all platforms, with minimal marketing costs. We do as well (or better) in the much discussed demo than many of TNTs other shows. And we were axed before we even had a chance to premiere our sixth season: that was not a ratings decision. But here’s the rub. Our network wants to change its identity. Kevin Reilly, the CEO of Turner Entertainment, came on board two-and-a-half years ago with the specific mission of developing edgier fare. Of course, Major Crimes does many dark stories (dead children boxed up in a refrigerator; incestuous molestation of a minor; violently murdered transgendered twelve-year-olds), but we are always going to be a police procedural. And though, in my biased opinion, I believe our show could co-exist with all the new series that have bowed over the last year-and-a-half, those responsible for the long-term health of TNT disagree, and believe the money spent on Major Crimes – which, to them, represents the past – would be better invested in the future they have been tasked to create. Also, that the presence of Major Crimes is counter to their goal of creating an entirely fresh face for the next generation of consumers. Thus, our absence at the Television Critics Association confab this summer and a lowered marketing profile. From the executive offices at TNT, these decisions have seemed unavoidable. Little surprise that I should see things differently!

Kathe Green If I Thought Youd Ever Change Your Mind Primrose HillKathe Green If I Thought Youd Ever Change Your Mind Primrose HillKathe Green If I Thought Youd Ever Change Your Mind Primrose HillKathe Green If I Thought Youd Ever Change Your Mind Primrose Hill