Black flag damaged jealous again

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When Damaged emerged, though, it was an anomaly. In the 1981 LA Times review of the album, Robert Hilburn compared the band to melodic punk rock group X five separate times. Though he loved the album, he noted, “The group’s grinding guitar attack … still lacks the brightness of X’s often rockabilly-accented arrangements.” That may seem like an absurd comparison now, but in 1981, the cultural and sonic space between a poppy band like X and one like Black Flag was not so large. The many shades of grey in between had yet to be defined in detail. Damaged was such a leap forward for punk, the only point of reference was miles behind.

Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three is a 2002 tribute album . [2] The album consists of covers of Black Flag songs performed by the Rollins Band , with vocalists from various well-known rock , hip hop , punk and metal artists (as well as certain members of Black Flag) singing. All money raised from sales of the album were donated to the legal funds of the West Memphis Three .

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MCA Records refused to release this, denouncing it as "immoral" and "anti-parent." High praise, but Black Flag lived up to it, defining . hardcore punk with violent guitar and the pissed-off scream of Henry Rollins, especially on "TV Party" and "Rise Above." Punks still listen to Damaged , and parents still hate it.

Black Flag Damaged Jealous AgainBlack Flag Damaged Jealous AgainBlack Flag Damaged Jealous AgainBlack Flag Damaged Jealous Again