Plastic ono band live peace in toronto 1969

Having conceived Cut Piece as an event score, Ono foresaw the work’s realization in a succession of presents. And from the start, she understood that in each of these presents the work would be transformed – not from any authentic original, but from an idea into an experience – each one distinct from the others. Ono has described her instruction works – or scores – as “seeds,” activated individually and collectively in the minds and actions of those who receive them. And as is often the case with her work, this germinating idea is manifest in multiple variations.

https:///watch?v=w1w4CYiDtNY In the end, John Lennon will live forever in people’s hearts, while Yoko Ono will be gratefully forgotten..

This one will grow on you. They haven't ironed out all the awkwardness yet, but this is the first J&Y album that doesn't insult the intelligence in fact, in its dark confounding way, it's nearly as beautiful as John's album. Give it a try, and at least a handful of listenings before your verdict. There's something happening here.

   REVIEWS ★★★★   “Blurring genres with the same ease it blurs expectations” – Q
★★★★   “One of Yoko Ono’s strongest” – Uncut
★★★★   “Alive with 21st Century energy” – Mojo
★★★★   “Unexpectedly enticing” – The Guardian
★★★★   “An instrument of power and wonder” – The Sunday Times
★★★★   “Anxious dreamscapes, poetic observations and dark images” – The Independent
★★★★   “Nothing matches the force that is Yoko” – Metro
★★★★   “Considered and quite beautiful” – Pitchfork

Yoko Ono (born February 18, 1933), is a Japanese-American artist and musician who is most widely known for her relationship with John Lennon of The Beatles …

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Plastic Ono Band Live Peace In Toronto 1969Plastic Ono Band Live Peace In Toronto 1969Plastic Ono Band Live Peace In Toronto 1969Plastic Ono Band Live Peace In Toronto 1969