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Harry's soft-rock fetish won't surprise fans of One Direction gems like "Olivia" or "Stockholm Syndrome," but this is the first time we've heard Sweet Baby Styles run with it for a whole album. The songs he tipped in advance didn't play coy about his old-school inspirations – the Badfinger hook of "Ever Since New York," the "Blackbird" guitar of "Sweet Creature," the way "Sign of the Times" tweaks Queen and Bowie in candelabra mode – yet they all sound like him, playful and tender in equal measure. In most of these songs, he mourns a dead-end relationship, the kind where "comfortable silence is so overrated," and you can hear that he's been binging on singer-songwriter confessionals from Harry Nilsson's Nilsson Schmillson to Taylor Swift's Red . "Meet Me In The Hallway" sets the tone – a touch of John Lennon echo in his voice, a touch of Jimmy Page in the acoustic guitar – as he pleads like a love junkie craving a fix. "Carolina" rides a tropical low-rider summer groove, while the lovelorn "Two Ghosts" could pass for vintage Bread. "Woman" could be a lost slow-jam duet between Prince and Joe Walsh, as Harry asks, "Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we can find?"

Dr Greenbugh overlooked the rather important fact that the sandwich was by the side of her bed and lay untouched but by then it was too late. The press reported his initial comments and the doctor unwittingly gave rise to the sandwich myth.

Altman was in the middle of a widely acknowledged slump when he took up Evans’ invitation to direct Popeye . It had been a few years and a few flops since Nashville , but he didn’t approach the project meekly. First, he flew everyone—cast, crew, and an orchestra of musicians—to the island of Malta to build an entire small town, which would serve as the set. He filled this money pit with a very Altman-esque menagerie of characters: Half the dialogue was obscured by someone else talking, an Altman quirk that Evans probably wished he would tone down for the multiplexes. And then there was Robin Williams, in his first studio picture, looking like a community-theater Quasimodo, mumbling malapropisms with one eye closed and half his mouth shut.

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