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This project reinforced my conviction that it was possible to join the richness of Morocco’s heritage with modernity. Recognising the strength of a tradition does not mean that you only look backwards; approaching the future with an antiquated mentality would be fatal. The economic, technical and social conditions in which the Mohammed VI campus is being built today, not to mention the whole of the Green City, are completely removed from those that gave rise to the Koutoubia and the Agdal Basin. In Benguerir I wanted arcades, covered or semi-covered streets, public spaces that were relatively tight and narrow. Details that speak to those who were born in the Kingdom, or who know its subtleties at the very least. I invented an architecture that emphasises the geometry of the square, works through all the variations of the patio, and that brings back the major figures of Moroccan culture, such as the moucharaby or the Arab–Andalusian arabesque. 

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