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And then came — not quite nada , but close. Wow had one of the worst cases of Pepper -itis on record — creditable material like the jumpy "Can't Be So Bad" and the ticket-protesting "Murder in My Heart for the Judge" undermined by needless horns and strings, stereo separations, even musique contracte . Moby Grape '69 errs in the other direction — rather than hinting at country rock, it is the very beast, songwriting honorable and presentation flat. Cut in Nashville, Truly Fine Citizen is the same without the songs. The hippie self-indulgence of Grape Jam 's wooden groove instrumentals originally occupied a Wow bonus disc.

Wow has a more heavily produced sound than the first Moby Grape album. String and horn arrangements were added to many of the songs by producer David Rubinson . Recording started in Los Angeles in late 1967, but most of the album was recorded in New York City in late 1967 and early 1968. [ citation needed ]

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