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"People Who Died" wasn't the only thing that sustained Carroll's reputation. The first full-length article about him appeared in 1969, when Jim was 19, and he was featured in Rolling Stone as early as 1973--the same year, it was rumored, that he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize at age 22. The 1980 release of Catholic Boy , along with the re-publication of his cult- classic book The Basketball Diaries , shot Jim and his band into the international spotlight. Catholic Boy , named the second-most-popular album of 1980 by BAM , is now considered one of the last great punk albums. Jim appeared with his band on the variety program Fridays , he was interviewed by Tom Snyder, and he was featured on the MTV series The Roots of Rock , hosted by Lou Reed. Cover stories appeared in Newsweek, New York, Creem, Interview, Melody Maker, Stereo Review, Rolling Stone, Variety , and Penthouse . Playboy even printed a cartoon in which the punchline was, "Ever since the advent of Jim Carroll, 'I'm a Catholic junkie poet' seems hipper than 'What's your sign.'"

He made such a name for himself that the Seljuq sultan Malik-Shāh invited him to Eṣfahān to undertake the astronomical observations necessary for the reform of the calendar. (See The Western calendar and calendar reforms .) To accomplish this an observatory was built there, and a new calendar was produced, known as the Jalālī calendar. Based on making 8 of every 33 years leap years , it was more accurate than the present Gregorian calendar , and it was adopted in 1075 by Malik-Shāh. In Eṣfahān he also produced fundamental critiques of Euclid ’s theory of parallels as well as his theory of proportion. In connection with the former his ideas eventually made their way to Europe, where they influenced the English mathematician John Wallis (1616–1703); in connection with the latter he argued for the important idea of enlarging the notion of number to include ratios of magnitudes (and hence such irrational numbers as Square root of √ 2 and π).

Poet And The Roots It Dread Inna Inglan For George LindoPoet And The Roots It Dread Inna Inglan For George LindoPoet And The Roots It Dread Inna Inglan For George LindoPoet And The Roots It Dread Inna Inglan For George Lindo