The march violets turn to the sky

Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale ) is a perennial lawn weed that spreads by wind-blown seeds.
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Drop spreaders drop the fertilizer directly below the spreader, while broadcast spreaders drop fertilizer in a pattern out and away from the spreader. Drop spreaders are more accurate while broadcast spreaders cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

This “media opportunity alert” arrived in my inbox: Hi, Porter, Thought you might have interest in checking out this event spotlighting Mark Ballas and girlfriend BC Jean. The singer-songwriter duo has teamed up with Charmin for the December celebration of restrooms in Times Square–an entire storefront of unique, unforgettable, state-of-the-art bathrooms free to the public (timely for […]

This following is a list of films produced and/or released by Columbia Pictures . It is one of the Big Six film studios. Columbia Pictures is a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sony .

“Come in, come in!” Said she. “Is not this much better than the filthy pigsty we had?” There was a parlour, a bedroom, and a kitchen; and behind the cottage there was a little garden, planted with all sorts of flowers and fruits. There was a courtyard behind, full of ducks and chickens. “Ah!” Said the fisherman, “How happily we shall live now!”

Step up gift with a $55 purchase receive: All About Shadow 6-pan eye palette (worth over $25). Both gifts together worth over $95. Note that the step up gift is not available online anymore.

I do love the idea of Helen using Vi as a baby-factory to create a deep incest harem. Especially since like in 20 years, she’ll be fucking the daughters of her daughter’s daughters. Gotta make sure they get pregs on their first periods afterall *drool*

Lucky day: Thursday. Pisces best identifies with the flow of the sweet Thursday while this is doubled by the connection between Thursday and its ruling by Jupiter.

The March Violets Turn To The SkyThe March Violets Turn To The SkyThe March Violets Turn To The SkyThe March Violets Turn To The Sky