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“We have deployed CLEAN-FLO Technology on more than 40 Lakes across the United States. Their technology goes far beyond aeration and delivers complete restoration. What sets CLEAN-FLO apart is the performance of their technologies in the field, and their unending commitment to delivering a customized solution for every project. Our customers are demanding, and they expect results, fast. Many have hired independent scientists to monitor and evaluate CLEAN-FLO’s performance, so it’s proven at many levels. The only proof I need – it works!” – John Tucci, President and Founder, Lake-Savers, LLC

For memory foam or silk pillows , wash them separately and follow product care instructions.  You will never be able to get the water out of a memory foam pillow (they are ‘cellular’ and won’t release soap or water) and silk pillows are a whole other scenario.  I’ve never met anyone with a silk pillow nor have had the opportunity to clean one so I cannot speak from experience and have not come across any solid information on how to do it.  I’d recommend taking the pillow to a dry cleaner.

Holy Cats! I wish there wasn’t snow on the ground outside right now.. I want to drag that thing out and CLEAN IT UP! Lol. TFS.
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The Clean Live Dead CleanThe Clean Live Dead CleanThe Clean Live Dead CleanThe Clean Live Dead Clean