Risco connections its my house

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Issues: The performance of mobile Internet connections historically been lower than that offered by fixed broadband services, and its cost has also been higher. With major improvements in both performance and cost during recent years, mobile Internet has become increasingly affordable and a viable alternative to fixed broadband.

Clients which assume persistent connections and pipeline immediately after connection establishment SHOULD be prepared to retry their connection if the first pipelined attempt fails. If a client does such a retry, it MUST NOT pipeline before it knows the connection is persistent. Clients MUST also be prepared to resend their requests if the server closes the connection before sending all of the corresponding responses.

Atheros has not released Windows 10 drivers for the AR5B97 yet. Their driver download page will be updated with a link when those drivers are written and tested. Until then, try downloading the Windows 8 drivers from that page and installing them with Device Manager.

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In a post by Lonnie_L from Microsoft, the company advises: "We are looking into reports that some customers are experiencing difficulty connecting to the Internet.

Risco Connections Its My HouseRisco Connections Its My HouseRisco Connections Its My House