Pietro grossi electronic soundtrack

LP1 (Azioni)
side a
1. Kate 07:09
2. Untitled 18:23
side b
War Einmal (7-2-1969) 25:49

Pietro Grossi (Venice 15 April 1917 – Florence 2002) was an Italian composer pioneer of computer music, visual artist and hacker ahead of his time, who first in Italy experimented with electronic techniques in the early sixties.

Grossi’s latest multimedia experiments were with interactive sound and graphics. His later works involved automated and generative visual music software, [email protected] which he extended beyond the realms of music into the interactive work for the Internet, conceiving and collaborating with Sergio Maltagliati [8] in 1997 of the first Italian interactive work for the web [email protected] , [7] entertaining in his own house study the first on-line performance.

DS1 Pietro Grossi
DS2 Enore Zaffiri
DS3 Christina Kubisch
DS4 Franca Sacchi
DS5 Domenico Guaccero
DS6 Domenico Guaccero
DS7 Luciano Cilio
DS8 Marino Zuccheri
DS9 Teresa Rampazzi new
DS10 Prima Materia
DS11 Insiememusicadiversa
DS12 Aldo Clementi
DS13 G. I. Nuova Consonanza
DS14 Art Fleury
DS15 Mario Bertoncini
DS16 Pietro Grossi
DS17 Enore Zaffiri
DS18 Claudio Rocchi new
DS19 Alvin Curran new

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Pietro Grossi was born in Venice, and he studied in Bologna eventually taking a diploma in composition and violoncello. In the sixties Grossi taught at the Conservatory of Florence and began to research and experiment with electroacoustic music. [2] From 1936 to 1966 was the first cellist of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra. Grossi began to experiment with electroacoustic music in the 1950s. By 1962, he had become the first Italian to carry out successful research in the field of computer music.

Pietro Grossi Electronic SoundtrackPietro Grossi Electronic SoundtrackPietro Grossi Electronic SoundtrackPietro Grossi Electronic Soundtrack