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The Daily News has all the legendary Knicks including Walt, Willis, Patrick and more. Get in-game action and behind-the-scenes photos of your favorite legendary Knickerbocker.

A few yards away, another writer was playing a joke on Jane Curtain, an attractive "Saturday Night" actress. The writer had taken a surgical glove and stretched it tightly across the top of a quarter. The coin stuck to the underside of the glove, but the rubber was so thin that the quarter appeared to be sitting upon it. He walked over to Curtain's desk and pressed the top of the quarter, which fell magically to the desk, and the writer walked away giggling, leaving Curtain to try to find a nonexistent hole in the glove. "Stupid trick," Curtain shouted as she poked the coin at the rubber. "What a stupid trick."

Stuff Live In New YorkStuff Live In New YorkStuff Live In New YorkStuff Live In New York