Friedemann songs for a beginning

Cinematic portrayals of the Bach family are few and far between, but perhaps the most interesting one comes from 1941. 'Friedemann Bach' tells the story of one of Johann Sebastian's sons' struggle to escape the creative shadow of his father. However, it takes a few factual liberties - in the film it was Friedemann who had the duel with Louis Marchand, not his father.

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What started as a bit of fun in the 1990s has grown into a really long list. We finally have a way of keeping this list a bit more up-to-date and process the many submissions since the last update.
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Of all the musical stars eclipsed by Mozart, not to mention by JS Bach’s later comeback, CPE Bach is perhaps the most deserving of the chance this year affords us.

Friedemann Songs For A BeginningFriedemann Songs For A BeginningFriedemann Songs For A BeginningFriedemann Songs For A Beginning